Residential Care Community

What is a Residential Care Community?

In order to really understand what a Residential Care Community is, you must first understand what it is not! It is not a  Skilled Nursing Home.
We  help bridge the gap between when its unsafe for  you  or a  loved one  to live  at home  but you  don’t require the services of a  skilled nursing home . In our communities, we  provide personal care services such as meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry services, , activities and  medication administration by certified medication staff 24 hours a day. We provide services to seniors  in a comfortable  homelike environment  where  they can continue  their independence with  helpful  caring  staff ready to  assist them as needed.

Who is eligible to live here?

Some restrictions  for admission  to a residential care community  do apply. Our community members must be seniors  and  have a need for  services  that  do not require  a skilled nursing setting . Additionally, according to the definition provided by  Health and Senior Services, anyone that resides in a residential care community must be able to  mentally and physically negotiate a pathway to safety in the event of an emergency . Our Administrators at each location can provide you with more detailed information.  

So who does live here?

Most of our community neighbors have medical issues that require them to take medications or need  continual monitoring for their  medical conditions. Often times a neighbor  isn’t able to live at home because  they no longer eat  balanced meals, forget to take their medications, can no longer physically  take care of their home or sometimes they just need more socialization and the comfort of knowing someone is there if they need  help. Often  family members are not able to provide  daily  support and find peace of mind knowing their loved one is well cared for in our communities.

Does it have to be a permanent move?

No. While  many  neighbors choose to make our communities their permanent home, we also provide services for those needing to  recover from an illness or injury  or maybe  just  for the cold months of the year. A month to month arrangement is all that’s required!

How does our residential care communities differ from a nursing home ?

A better question is how are they the same? From the appearance to the type of care, there are very few similarities between the two. The basic daily living tasks are similar in regard to 3 balanced meals furnished per day, activities, medications being administered, communication with physicians  for orders and  health care needs, housekeeping and laundry services being furnished. Our communities  can accommodate 12 neighbors creating  an environment  where you don’t get lost in a crowd !  You know  the staff  and your neighbors but more importantly is that they know you! Each neighbor has their own comfortable room with a private bathroom including a step in shower. Their own heat and air conditioner controls. We provide a somewhat non restrictive environment in our communities. Many of our neighbors still drive their  own vehicles and hold a job. Independence  with assistance and security  is what makes us different from some other communities.

How do I know the most appropriate level of care for myself or loved one?

Ask a couple of questions. Does my loved one or myself need more help than  what is available at home? If a problem should arise, like a fall, is someone there to offer assistance? Is full skilled care necessary to address the issues being encountered? Based on the findings of these questions a picture should begin to emerge as to what level of  care is  most appropriate for you. The administrator at any of our  community locations can help you with decision making based on the information given to them by you and your health care provider. These decisions are hard to make, we are here to help you. If you need a higher level of care than we can provide, we will tell you.

What if I, or my loved one is reluctant to give up a home?

We require no long term lease or commitment. Sometimes these things need to be handled in small steps. With our month to month rental agreement, you have the flexibility to try our services to be sure they are compatible to your needs. There is no need to give up your home until you are ready or at all! We welcome you to come  share  a meal with us or attend an activity at our community  to “check it out” before you decide.

Why Bristol Manor versus another residential care community ?

Bristol Care, Inc., owner of Bristol Manor, operates over 60 facilities in the state of Missouri and has provided services to our seniors  since 1990. What this means for you is the security of a Missouri  based, family  owned  and operated  senior health care provider that understands the needs of Missouri seniors.  The communities are all very similar in layout and  operation, providing continuity of services in all communities  where we operate. The added  benefit of  our smaller  communities  offers a homey environment without the worry of getting lost in the shuffle  of a larger facility.

What if we do not have a great deal of income to pay for these services?

Don’t worry! We  participate in the Medicaid  Assistance program and  the Personal Care Program which assists those with limited incomes  to be able to afford the cost of residential care. We also accept VA Assistance Programs and most Private Insurances. We offer all services for one  monthly fee.  This makes our services available to almost anyone!

How do I find out more about Bristol Manor?

Stop in and see for yourself! Our door is always open and we would be more than happy to show you around!  You can  call the residential community directly  or contact us  by using the CONTACT  US  feature on this website. We look forward to meeting you!