Medication Administration

At Bristol Manor your medical health care is important to us. We know that taking medications can sometimes be confusing and complicated . Our Administrator and our certified medication staff will communicate with all of  your health care providers to assure that your medication regime is up to date and will see that your medication is administered as prescribed by your physician. There will always  be certified medication staff on duty 24 hours a day for any medication or health care need. . Our attentive staff will notify your physician when you are having  medical issues whether its a cold symptom or something more serious. Our staff will assist you in making transportation arrangements for medical appointments.

While we have a community pharmacy available for your prescribed medications, you are free to use the pharmacy of your choice. Our corporate Registered Nurse is available at anytime for questions regarding medications and their interactions.  Additionally, you will have your drug regiment reviewed every 90 days by a registered nurse to assure that your medications are current with physician orders, that there are no drug interactions and to make recommendations to your health care provider to assure continued quality care.  We provide services for your diabetic needs as well.  Working together is the key to assuring your medication regime stays on track with your medical needs.

Private Bathrooms

Attached to each private room is a private bathroom.

Each bathroom is equipped with a step in shower for safety and an emergency call system.

Towels and linens are furnished or feel free to bring your own personal items.

Staff is available to assist during shower times if needed.


Private Rooms

Private Bedroom

At Bristol Manor your privacy is very important to us, so everyone enjoys their own private suite including:

  • Attached private bath
  • Individual controls for heating and air conditioning
  • Spacious closet
  • Make it your own with your personal  furniture and belonging
  • If you’d rather, we can provide our furniture, no problem
  • Emergency call system in the bedroom and bathroom
  • The community is equipped with a fire alarm system throughout
  • Please see our Gallery for pictures of the private suites

Nutritious Meals

Mealtimes are always an important part of our day so we try to take extra care in planning meals.

We provide 3 well balanced meals a day as well as evening snacks. Menus are provided for use in preparing meals but we believe that our community neighbors should have a choice at meal time so substitutes are always available. Meals are planned around the criteria for the nutritional needs of seniors.

Live In Administrator

When Bristol Manor began in 1990, we wanted to assure that all of our communities were managed professionally to provide quality care to all that chose to make us their home. One way that we have been able to accomplish this was to have a supervisor readily available to assure compliance with all of our policies and the regulations of our licensing agency, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. We uniquely provide for an live in administrator in each community. Each administrator is provided an apartment on site at their location. The administrator along with their staff, see to the needs of all neighbors in their community.  A supervisor and peace of mind,is only a few steps away!

Numerous Activities

We love to have fun!

Each community offers planned activities, but its always your choice to participate or maybe be a cheerleader.

A wide range of activities are offered and planned  as a joint venture between the staff and the community neighbors. You’ll have the experience of anything from music programs, card games, celebrations for birthdays and holidays, church services, movie times and most anything else that you might enjoy. Maybe you have a special hobby or skill that you’d like to share with your neighbors? Life is for enjoying and having fun!


Adult Day Watch


When you can’t be there, let Bristol Manor be the caring alternative.


Bristol Manor has been providing Residential Care since 1990 and now serves over 60 communities across Missouri. You know us for our caring reputation in long term care and our commitment to senior adults.

Now we are offering that same quality care on a “part-time” basis! We realize in many of our communities there is the need for occasional care for senior adults when family members cannot be there. Whether daily care for working families is needed, or occasional care for day trips or shopping, we can accommodate you. During their stay, a neighbor can expect delicious home cooked meals, companionship and the option to participate in organized activities.

We provide recliners for relaxing, reading or watching TV and a quiet area to lie down and rest when needed. Every effort is made to provide the comforts of home when your loved one is away from home. Flexibility with no set schedules of attendance. We will provide care, including medication administration for up to 8 hours a day. Daily rates are charged so you budget according to your families Adult Day Watch needs.

Remember, when you can’t be there, let Bristol Manor provide the caring alternative. We will provide the safe, protective environment they need and the peace of mind you need.

Bristol Manor Adult Day Watch Includes….

  • Home Cooked Meal
  • Activities
  • Quiet Resting Area
  • Medications Administered
  • Socialization
  • Companionship

and most of all…Your peace of mind!

Bristol Manor Adult Day Watch does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin. We are an EOE.


A Caring Staff 24 hours a day

At Bristol Manor, there is always trained staff on duty. Our staff is cross trained in all aspects of your daily living needs and can readily assist you.  There is always certified medication staff  on duty as well.

Being  able to accommodate only 12 neighbors per community you receive more personal service instead of being lost in the crowd. You know your caregivers and more importantly, they know you.

Bristol Manor is unique in that  our administrators live in the facility in their own apartments so if an emergency happens they are close by.  Close supervision aids in assuring  continual quality care for you.